Chikako Yamanaka


She was born in 1983, she started to learn the piano when she was three years old and started to compose at the age of twelve.
She graduated as the top from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts Faculty of Music Composition Department with the Acanthus Music Prize (2007). She took a master's degree and graduate the same University (2009).
She has studied under Shozo Aoki, Masayuki Nagatomi, Ichiro Nodaira, and Atsutada Otaka so far.
She has won the prize in famous domestic and international competition.
Laureate in the 74th Japan Music Competition Composition department (2005), the 3rd prize at Toru Takemitsu International Composition Competition (Jury:Tristan Murail/2010), the Honorable Mention of the Composition Competition for Witold Lutosławski’s 100th Birthday (2013).

Moreover,at same year She won two special prizes Prix du public and Prix "Jeune public" in the Geneva international competition of composition section (2013).The winner work <<Uminari>> for flute solo and ensemble were premiered by Silvia Careddu (Flute), Gregory Charlotte (conductor), and ensemble contrechamps.
In addition, her work has been performed by the orchestra, the ensemble, chorus, and conductor who are excellent in the Japan and international, such as <<A song of the Earth, the Sea, and Human >> was premiered by kimitsu-junior-chorus,Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus and conductor Nobuaki Tanaka (2013), 《Deux Présages》for orchestra was premiered by conductor Takeshi Ooi and the Tokyo philharmonic orchestra (2010).

Her main works are “Nocturne I” (2003), “Disillient” for chamber music (2005), “Three Fragments for piano played by the left hand, violin and cello”(2006), “Cytogenesis” for orchestra (2007), "Deux Présages" for orchestra (2009),“A song of the Earth, the Sea and humans” for mixed chorus (2011),“Signal to Signalless”for orchestra (2012).
“Nocturne I ” is recorded on the CD 『La Campanella~Gems of the keyboard』of Pianist Takashi Sato.